"Follow your dream without hesitation, every challenge is a gift to learn and improve. As long you believe in yourself nothing can stop your success"
Barak David

Barak David Growth & Business Strategist

Barak holds an MBA and B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and has over a decade of experience in international hi-tech companies, small startups, and big operations.

During his career, he has excelled in C-level and executive positions, including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Operations, and more.

Barak has a track record of driving growth and achievement in international businesses, emphasizing strategy, vertical & horizontal growth, creative thinking, and competitive advantage.

In his current position, Barak leads Murka Games (550 employees worldwide, ranking 20th place among EMEA Headquartered Publishers by Revenue) as CEO and Executive Board Member, after it was acquired by The Blackstone Group.